How to care for Woven Viro® Fiber

Download the Woven Viro® Fiber easy care guide

All of the Viro® Fiber handwoven material featured in Jensen Outdoor’s furniture is carefully selected for its virtually carefree maintenance and outstanding durability. Read the following instructions to clean yours.

Woven Viro® Fiber is nearly maintenance-free, perfect for years of easy enjoyment.

Level 1: Protect

Protect new and newly cleaned Woven Viro® Fiber.

Low Maintenance Viro® Fiber

Woven Viro® Fiber furniture from Jensen Outdoor is virtually maintenance-free. Constructed to be durable, Viro® Fiber comes with built-in protection. To keep your furniture at its best, follow these simple guidelines:

  • To remove dust, simply clean with a bristle brush and/or lightly rinse with water as needed. 

Level 2: Clean

Clean up spills, dirt, or dust.

If Pollens, Stains, Etc. Occur

Recommended When Necessary Light Cleaning

  1. Prepare surface by removing dust with a bristle brush.
  2. Gently clean with warm water and a non-foaming soap or mild detergent.

Alcohol-based, oil-based and other harsh cleaners are not recommended.

About Viro® Fiber

Made of high-density polyethylene, Viro® Fiber is completely colored throughout, smudge-proof, and resistant to the effects of significant temperature variations.

The fiber has been proven in laboratory tests to withstand continuous UV exposure for 3 years.

To achieve the distinctive woven patterns featured in Jensen Outdoor’s collections, each frame is expertly handwoven around strong but light commercial-grade powder-coated aluminum frames allowing the fiber to ergonomically conform to your shape, providing supreme comfort and sublime relaxation.

Viro® Fiber is non-toxic and recyclable, does not contain PVC and is made from 100% high-density polyethylene. These factors combine to make Viro® Fiber exceptionally environmentally friendly.

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