For decades, Sunbrella® has been the fabric of choice for Jensen Outdoor, offering the luxury of carefree comfort and distinctive style in any environment. Each solution-dyed acrylic fabric is crafted with remarkable attention to detail and designed for exceptional performance whether indoors or out.

(Jensen Outdoor uses Sunbrella® in a wide range of designs)

The Finest Fabrics for the Finest Furniture

At Jensen Outdoor, our strict demand for the finest craftsmanship and highest-quality materials has made Sunbrella® fabrics a perfectly-paired accompaniment to our heirloom-quality furniture. Our designers have handpicked select Sunbrella® styles for the Jensen Outdoor Fabric Book that best compliments the style and taste of each set of cushioned furniture we make. We offer an array of patterns and colors as house fabrics, as well as can expertly apply your own materials should you choose to select from Sunbrella’s ever-renewing palette of colors and styles, for a nominal fee.

Vivid Colors Year After Year

Sunbrella® is widely considered the crème de la crème of solution-dyed acrylic fabrics for outdoor use. One of its most appealing qualities is the impressive ability to maintain vivid colors year after year. While natural fibers tend to dramatically lose their vibrancy with time and wear, Sunbrella® fabrics made from synthetic threads are robustly engineered to retain their colors longer and resist the natural elements better.

Sunbrella® fabric is specially dyed using a proprietary process that ensures that each and every string is vibrantly colored all the way through. This is in stark and surprising contrast to many other kinds of fabrics, whose colors only coat the surface of the threads and wear away over time. Any concerns about fading completely fade away as the fabric exhibits impressive resistance to UV rays, rain, temperature, and time.

(Strong and supportive Sunbrella® strap fabrics are featured in our Eflex collection of dining chairs)

Carefree Care and Cleaning

Few fabrics are resilient enough to handle stains, dirt, and messes as beautifully as Sunbrella® fabrics. With the variations of Sunbrella® fabrics used in Jensen Outdoor collections, your choice of fabric ultimately determines the ideal method of cleaning.

To easily clean Sunbrella® Elastic Strap fabric featured in the Eflex collection, begin by lightly brushing off any dirt. After mixing ¼ cup of mild soap with warm water, apply the mild mixture over the straps and interlacing of the furniture to soak the fabric well. Scrub gently with a soft-bristled brush or sponge, then rinse clean to remove all of the soap. Finally, allow to thoroughly dry.

Sunbrella® cushion fabrics are recommended to be cleaned by hand. To hand-wash, the fabric prepare a gentle solution of ¼ cup mild soap in one gallon of water. Place the solution into a spray bottle and spray the surface of the fabric, allowing it to soak in for 15 minutes. Next, remove any stains with a sponge or a towel, but do not scrub with a brush. Rinse the fabric well with water to remove any soapy residue, then allow the fabric to air dry.

See full care instructions.

Ready to see the wide world of colorways in Sunbrella® outdoor fabrics that we offer?