High pressure laminate, commonly known as HPL, is part of a distinctive group of high-pressure decorative coverings that are widely used as surface finishes applied on a broad range of materials. High pressure laminate is typically comprised of Kraft paper enriched with resin. This high-tech composite gets heated under high pressure and temperature to create a layered modern material. The complex process results in a surface finish with excellent antimicrobial qualities and exceptional longevity.

(Jensen Outdoor uses HPL in a select set of table top surface options)

The High Demand for High Pressure Laminate

In recent years, the quality of high-pressure laminates has evolved to such lofty levels that the material has become one of the most sought-after surface finishes in furniture and décor. Jensen Outdoor elevates high pressure laminates to even greater heights by featuring the desirable material in several luxury furniture collections, including Jett, Forte and Harmony.

Modern Material for Contemporary Style

High pressure laminate is a cutting-edge material that offers the same aesthetic allure to the furniture that features it. This makes the surface finish ideal for creating a sleek, modern look. Further enhancing its appeal, high pressure laminate offers outstanding style versatility with its ability to take on glossy, satin or opaque finishes, as well as a vast palette of colors and design textures.

Irresistible Resistance

High-pressure laminate is an extremely hard material, which helps it resist scratches, stains and strong impacts over time. Its extraordinary resistance to wear and weather allows it to retain its original shape, brightness and finish over time. With the laminate’s high resistance to wear and weather, dirt and dyes aren’t able to penetrate the layers and leave any lasting marks. The construction of high-pressure laminate also waterproofs the surface to prevent any moisture from seeping into the layers. As a result, the surface of the furniture is protected from the unsightly swelling and cracking that frequently occurs due to moisture absorption and environmental changes.

In the Best of Health

Style and safety go hand-in-hand with high-pressure laminate furniture crafted by Jensen Outdoor. Many are surprised to discover that high pressure laminates are one of the most hygienic products found on the market today. Bacteria need moisture to grow and thrive, but high-pressure laminate’s natural moisture resistance makes it impossible for bacteria to proliferate. This gives HPL impressive antibacterial qualities that make it a healthy choice for furniture, which is why it is often selected for outdoor settings and for tabletops that are exposed to moisture from the natural elements.

(High Pressure Laminate surfaces are both durable and easy to clean)

Giving HPL Some TLC

With high-pressure laminate’s impressive stain resistance, impact resilience and antibacterial properties, it is quite simple to clean and maintain. To keep high-pressure laminate furniture looking as good as new, simply wipe with a soft cloth and lukewarm water, then dry with a clean cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, use a mild glass cleaner and wipe with a moist cloth, followed by a dry, clean cloth. Avoid using excessively abrasive cleaning products or nylon sponges which will dull, fade and scratch the beautiful finish.