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At Jensen Outdoor we understand that in order to bring the highest-quality timbers to market, the forest needs to be safe-guarded well into full maturity and beyond.

Ipe (pronounced “EE-pay”) hardwood trees grow slowly, taking nearly a century to reach the dimensions necessary to produce the finest, most durable, timbers on the market today.

(Jensen Outdoor’s FSC®-Certified Forests in Bolivia)


Eastern Bolivia is a place of family and forestry. The country is home to 3.7 million acres of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)-Certified forestland, making Bolivia the leader in sustainable forests among tropical countries. Those that call Bolivia “hogar” (home) have an innate connection to the natural environment, understanding how those resources are to be preserved for future generations.

Through a land-lease partnership with the Bolivian government, Jensen Outdoor manages over 2 million acres of dry-tropical forests in Eastern Bolivia. Through the FSC®-certification chain of custody process, we are able to track the exact tree and location from where it is sustainably felled to when it arrives in our distribution center in Virginia as a finished piece of furniture.


By purchasing Jensen Outdoor you are directly supporting the longevity of the forests we manage. Jensen Outdoor adds value to these natural resources, through creative furniture design and manufacturing techniques; but we wouldn’t be able to add any value if our forests disappeared. That is why our small-footprint harvesting techniques only select the century-old mature Ipe trees, leaving the younger and more fertile trees to replenish the forest before our next harvest.

Jensen Outdoor has made an FSC®-Certified plan to rotate which areas of the forest are harvested every season. This ensures that the same plot of forest is not touched again before thirty years have passed, allowing new batches of mature Ipe trees to grow, contributing to forest diversity.

Our Ipe wood is heirloom-durable. Rest comfortably in the knowledge you can pass down your Jensen Outdoor furniture to the next generation. As trends change, feel confident knowing that when your children’s-children have backyards of their own Jensen Outdoor will be there making new, stylish and sustainable, wood furniture.

Our commitment to preserving our forests makes choosing Jensen Outdoor for your leisure spaces a decision to be proud of.

(Be patio proud with sustainable Jensen Outdoor furniture)


The Forest Stewardship Council, FSC®, formed in 1993 with the mission to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world’s forests. Today, more than 380 million acres of forests worldwide have been independently certified, with the FSC® label carried on natural products 100% produced within the verified guidelines.

Jensen Outdoor, C013910, was one of the first organizations with forests in South America to become 100% FSC®-Certified in 1995. This means that the forests our wood products come from are independently inspected and verified for compliance against strict standards based on the Forest Stewardship Council’s, 10 Principles of Forest Stewardship. These principles include the recognition of communities and indigenous peoples’ rights, long-term economic viability, and protection of wildlife and the environment.