Remarkably durable yet surprisingly lightweight, powder coated aluminum is ideal for highly-trafficked areas, while its sleek beauty complements a variety of decorative materials and allows for creating a clean, contemporary ambiance.

Yet not all aluminum furniture is created equal. Designers and discriminating homeowners that demand the very best for their furniture settle for nothing less than commercial-grade powder coated aluminum from Jensen Outdoor. All of the aluminum used in Jensen Outdoor collections features a commercial-grade powder coating, which provides a strong protective seal that shields the furniture from the elements, corrosion, fading and scratches over time.

(Jensen Outdoor uses powder coated aluminum in a wide range of designs)

Rust-Resistant By Nature

There is no muss, no fuss and no rust with commercial-grade powder-coated aluminum furniture. Aluminum simply never rusts. While highly resistant to weather and wear on its own, a powder coating is recommended for a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment. The coating used by Jensen Outdoor is resilient to rusting, fading and damage due to wear.

Won’t Paint You Into a Corner

While paint may be a more familiar finish, the problem with paint is that it begins to chip away and lose its luster over time. Along with needing your furniture to remain durable and dependable, you also want it to look beautiful for a lifetime. Powder coated finishes are truly a stroke of genius because they are resistant to the chipping, fading, scratches and chemical damage that often affect painted surfaces due to wear and time. The protection provided by powder coating helps to preserve your furniture’s original aesthetic value and keeps your environment looking polished.

An Air of Ecological Sensitivity

Speaking of the environment, another advantage that a commercial-grade powder coating has many other finishes is how much safer it is for the environment. Unlike traditional paint and other finishing processes, powder coating doesn’t generate harmful fumes or release airborne pollutants that cause damage to the ozone and contribute to air pollution. Since powder coating is non-toxic and doesn’t produce hazardous emissions, it already meets or exceeds many environmental protection standards. This provides true peace of mind with each piece of Jensen Outdoor furniture.

(Powder coated aluminum provides structural support to the woven Viro® Fiber designs of Jensen Outdoor)

Light and Easy Cleaning

With commercial-grade powder coated aluminum, the coating is simply and optimally cleaned by gently wiping the surface with a soft cloth and water. If a large amount of dirt or debris has gathered on top of the surface, the furniture can be hosed down with a light stream of water before wiping with a soft cloth.

While commercial-grade powder-coated aluminum is incredibly durable, avoid using abrasive cleansers or an aggressive touch when cleaning, which can cause unattractive scratches or scuff marks in the powder-coated finish. As with all of our materials, proper care and cleaning will preserve the original beauty and prolong the life of your furniture.

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