Nature Safe:

Woven Viro® Fiber

Color-Fast Woven Comfort

Nature safe woven Viro® Fiber is perfectly suited to Jensen Outdoor’s portfolio of luxury furniture for its superior resilience, indelible color fastness, flexibility, and stylistic allure.

(Jensen Outdoor uses Viro® Fiber in a wide range of designs)

Woven to Last

Made of high-density polyethylene, Viro® Fiber is completely colored throughout, smudge-proof, and resistant to the effects of significant temperature variations. How significant? Jensen Outdoor fibers are specifically designed and engineered for outdoor use; insensitive to temperature differences ranging from -90 to +175 degrees Fahrenheit. Jensen Outdoor fibers won’t fade, even if exposed to extreme weather conditions during summer and winter. The fiber has been proven in laboratory tests to withstand continuous UV exposure for 3 years, far beyond the experience your furniture will have during the course of normal use.

To achieve the distinctive woven patterns featured in Jensen Outdoor’s collections, each frame is expertly handwoven around strong but light commercial-grade powder-coated aluminum frames allowing the fiber to ergonomically conform to your shape, providing supreme comfort and sublime relaxation.

This top-of-the-line woven material has become a favored feature in many Jensen Outdoor collections, including Coral, Vintage, Forte, Nest and Unicon. In the outdoor industry, Viro® Fiber continues to serve as a source of inspiration for collectors and aficionados who prize its long-lasting durability that is beautifully suited to any outdoor landscape.

(Viro® Fiber is not only durable, but is perfectly suited to accenting a wide range styles)

Going Strong for Years

One of Viro® Fiber’s greatest strengths is its unrivalled durability. This 100% high-density polyethylene material exhibits superior quality, clearly characterized by outstanding resilience and highly flexible strength.

Viro® Fiber has become an incredibly popular alternative to natural rattan furniture, which is not at all suitable for year-round outdoor enjoyment. On the contrary, Viro® Fiber is designed to display the aesthetic appeal of natural rattan yet offer the ease of synthetic materials that withstands the natural elements, along with the test of time.

Family and Environmentally Friendly

Today more than ever, the choices that many people are making when selecting outdoor furniture and accent pieces are reflecting a dedication to an ecologically conscious lifestyle. Just as Jensen Outdoor is a life-long friend to our forests and wholly committed to sustainability, Viro® Fiber is crafted to be environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. This ecologically sensitive fiber is created from high-density polyethylene, which is free from PVC and entirely non-toxic. Even when badly burned, no toxic substances are ever produced for complete peace of mind for years of safe enjoyment with the whole family.

True Colors Shown Throughout

Viro® Fiber is specially engineered using a unique process created to produce a sturdy, synthetic material that resists both weather and wear. Its beautiful fibers are completely colored throughout, making them conveniently smudge-proof and fully protected from the fading that typically occurs with lesser-quality imitation fibers.

There is no need to worry about the damaging effects of rain, chlorine, salt water or suntan lotion because the fiber can easily weather them all, which makes Viro® Fiber a natural choice by the pool and at the beach.

(When used for structural support, Viro® Fiber is strong, breathable, and easily maintained)