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Designs ‘Made to Inspire’.

When we begin the work of designing a new furniture collection, there is a collaborative process that connects our forestry operations in Bolivia, to our design teams in the United States and Europe. What excitingly new, yet pleasingly familiar, idea can we bring to the outdoor market that best accentuates the striking beauty of the sustainable materials we have to work with? Over the years our team has continued to sustainably innovate our designs and craftsmanship to meet with an ever-changing need.

Read on to explore how Jensen Outdoor designs are ‘Made to Inspire.’

Our Process

Every Jensen Outdoor item is inspired by nature, honed to perfection by the pens of award-winning designers, and tested with our Virginia-based leadership team to ensure that you can feel as comfortable sitting in a Jensen Outdoor chair as you can feel a sense of pride while admiring it through your kitchen window.

Our team dedicates themselves to finding inspired designs that suit the needs of today’s consumer. Always evaluating trends, understanding consumer behavior, and reflecting upon how we can add value to the natural materials that we can sustainably incorporate into our designs.

Once Jensen Outdoor has determined the inspiration of our next collection, we engage with the top award-winning European and North American designers who specialize in outdoor and wood furniture to further hone our furniture into the excitingly new, yet pleasingly familiar designs that make your patio shine.

From pen to wood: Our team of expert craftsman, sustainably located near the source of our materials in Bolivia, bring these designs to life with rigorous rounds of testing and revision to ensure the structural stability and design aesthetics are just right.

Our Designers

Award-winning creative minds

Jensen Outdoor exclusively partners with award-winning furniture designers who specialize in outdoor and wood furniture with a wide array of aesthetic inclinations.

Our Craftsmanship

Jensen Outdoor’s wood furniture is made from the heart of the trees we harvest. The heartwood portion of the tree is the most dimensionally stable and is a significantly greater portion of slow-growing, century old trees. Heartwood is critical in outdoor furniture to maintain the long-term strength and integrity of the mortise and tenon joinery throughout the seasonal extremities of freeze and thaw, and extended wet and dry periods.

Our timber is carefully kiln dried for periods ranging from four to eight weeks to reduce the moisture content to 12%, which is perfectly suited to allow our furniture’s wood joinery to only grow more stable when exposed to higher levels of humidity in the air when in use. The slow drying and conditioning process relaxes the natural tensions in the wood to assure years of outdoor use in a wide range of climates.

Jensen Outdoor’s wood furniture is designed with heavy dimensioned components for greater strength and stability. Each piece of furniture has been laboratory-tested to the demanding specifications of commercial applications. Commercial specifications far exceed the standards for common residential use.

Time-Tested Joinery Techniques

Our wood furniture is crafted using traditional interlocking mortise and tenon, and dowelled joinery that form rock solid connections. Engineered to extremely tight tolerances through CNC technology, the individual furniture components are permanently attached with snug, moisture-sealed joints. This level of craftsmanship prevents problems such as shaking during use, making the furniture safe and stable during a lifetime of use.

The ‘smooth-as-glass’ hand finish of Jensen Outdoor furniture is possible due to the dense nature of Ipe wood and our unique cross-grain sanding technique. Sanding cross-grain prevents the lifting of surface micro-fibers and preserves a smooth feel as the wood weathers outdoors.

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