Jensen Outdoor is proud of a lineage that traces its roots back more than 25 years, sustainably sourcing and adding value to 100+ year old trees from dry tropical forests.

The cornerstone of this legacy is Ipe hardwood, a timber prized for its beauty and long-lasting durability in any environment. When paired with Jensen Outdoor’s vertically integrated sourcing, design, and craftsmanship, the strikingly beautiful chocolate-brown shades of Ipe timber enhance any décor with timeless style.

(Jensen Outdoor uses Ipe timber in a wide range of designs)

Wood That Lasts

Ipe is one of the densest premium hardwoods in the world. Two times harder than teak and considerably more flame and water-resistant, this fine hardwood has been the choice of top designers, upscale builders and discerning individuals for outdoor furniture, flooring and decking for more than a century.

The remarkable resilience of Ipe wood provides protection from damage, scuffing, cracking and warping due to weather, wear, and time. Jensen Outdoor’s Ipe timber exhibits a deep chocolate-brown grain when new that may be allowed to naturally age to an elegant silver patina or brought back to an ‘as new’ finish at any time. With proper care and maintenance, the strength, color and beauty of Ipe wood can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Strength in Slow Growth

At Jensen Outdoor, we solely incorporate the finest, most responsibly sourced materials for all of our luxury furniture. That quest has led us to the dry tropical forests of South America. Eastern Bolivia’s environment enables Ipe trees to take up to a century or more to reach maturity before being harvested. This unhurried, uninterrupted growth greatly enhances the timber’s density, strength and durability. As a result, the advanced age and sizable diameter of the full-grown century trees allows Jensen Outdoor to use solid heartwood as the building block of our furniture. The heartwood center of the tree is prized for its structural stability and natural resistance to the contraction and swelling that often results from seasonal climate changes.

(Ipe trees grow slowly in dry-tropical forests, taking nearly a century to reach full maturity)

Leading a Higher Order of Sustainability

Since 1995, Jensen Outdoor has been a leader in the outdoor furniture industry by receiving one of the first, and annually recertified, accreditation from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) for our small footprint harvesting techniques. This level of care through sustainable forest-management provides protection for more than 2 million acres of Bolivian forests alone. Renowned as the gold standard in forestry certification, FSC® has established strict environmental and social standards for responsible forest management and harvesting practices, only accrediting such organizations who share this dedication.

Today, the luxury furniture crafted by Jensen Outdoor exclusively features FSC®-Certified timbers. As a result, every piece of Jensen Outdoor wood furniture directly preserves millions of acres of dry tropical forests, along with the welfare of workers and their families, for generations to come.

Ipe’s Elegance Grows

The stunningly beautiful chocolate brown color of Ipe wood makes it a welcome addition that elevates any landscape or lifestyle. Yet just like you, Ipe only gets better with age.

Ipe weathers gracefully to a noble silver patina during its first year beneath the sun and amidst the moisture of the outdoors. While this natural weathering enhances the elegance of the wood to many, others prefer its original chocolate-brown hue. Fortunately, Ipe is one of the rare timbers whose finish can be restored to its ‘as new’ richness with simple care.





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(Over time Ipe can be allowed to gracefully age to a silver-gray patina or restored to an ‘as new’ finish)

Easy Care & Maintenance

To protect new Ipe furniture, simply apply Wood Shield to your furniture, particularly tabletops and chair arms. This offers protection against moisture and food stains, which ensures carefree enjoyment all season long. For an occasional light cleaning, wash Ipe furniture with mild dish soap and rinse with water, then let dry.

To restore the natural color and luster of Ipe, follow the steps outlined on our Care Guidance page for a light cleaning, then use the Ipe Aftercare Kit’s Penofin® Pro-Tech’s Wood Cleaner then Wood Brightener, allowing the furniture to dry completely before applying Penofin® Verde Oil Finish as directed and allowing to dry. Finally, reapply Wood Shield. As the subtle silver patina returns over time, repeat this simple process to keep Ipe furniture looking like new.

See full care instructions.