Opal 72″ Bench with Arms

Suggested: $2,041.00

72" Bench with Arms
72" Bench with Arms Cushion
  • Level Pumice
  • Premier Flax
  • Refract Salt
  • Canvas Canvas
  • Dupione Dove
  • Charlotte Sparrow
  • Bodhi Flax
  • Blend Sand
  • Array Dune
  • Shore Linen
  • Canvas Heather Beige
  • Sailcloth Shadow
  • Linen Stone
  • Cast Teak
  • Dupione Stone
  • Linen Silver
  • Canvas Granite
  • Premier Fog
  • Layer Smoke
  • Skyler Sea
  • Depth Fossil
  • Canvas Air Blue
  • Canvas Regatta
  • Pashmina Denim
  • Express Indigo
  • Spectrum Indigo
  • Kira Midnight
  • Cast Sable
  • Spectrum Ruby
  • Pashmina Terracotta
  • Kira Sangria
  • Crosshatch Stone
  • Bodhi Char
  • Spectrum Carbon
  • Premier Lagoon
  • Dupione Celeste
  • Cast Breeze
  • Spectrum Peacock
  • Express Lagoon
  • Level Atlantis

The Opal 72″ Bench with Arms is handcrafted in dark Ipe hardwood. The transitional style uses fine Ipe slats to conserve the timber sustainably.


Whether basking on a sunny deck, planted in garden, poolside on the patio or tucked beneath a dining table for entertaining ease, the Opal Bench with Arms from Jensen Outdoor is the ultimate outdoor crowd-pleaser. Six feet of seating comfort are crafted from individual slats of Ipe timber on a sturdy Ipe frame with slightly tapered legs and sculpted arms.

This tasteful bench bares the clean lines and transitional design of the Opal Collection, which has been a longtime favorite for its fine craftsmanship and responsible use of 100% FSC-Certified Ipe timber sustainably sourced exclusively from Bolivia's dry-tropical forests. Highly durable and versatile, Ipe timber can withstand prolonged exposure to weather, moisture and sun for carefree, outdoor living at its best. Ipe timber naturally has a dark, chocolate brown color that can be protected with ease yet can also be allowed to age into a shimmery silver patina. Keep everyone lingering longer with the comfort of optional cushions in an array of Sunbrella® fabric.


  • Bench frame, seat and sculpted legs are configured from 100% FSC-Certified, Ipe timber that is sustainably sourced from deep within Bolivian dry-tropical forests.
  • Ipe timber offers astounding durability and weather resistance for years of outdoor enjoyment.
  • When new, the chocolate brown hue and glass-smooth finish of Ipe timber can be easily maintained or be allowed to develop a rich, silver patina.
  • Mortise and tenon joinery create a clean, polished look.
  • Bench seat features individual slats of Ipe timber in a clean, linear pattern.
  • Six feet of seating space with sleek lines and ergonomic styling.
  • Rest assured of seating comfort with optional cushions in the stylish Sunbrella® fabric you prefer.
  • Weight:49 lbs
  • Length:17 in
  • Width:72 in
  • Height:21 in
  • Seat Height:17 in
  • Arm Height:21 in
Additional Details
  • Cushions:Optional
  • Cushion Count:1
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How does my purchase directly protect the forest?

By purchasing Jensen Outdoor you are directly supporting the longevity of the forests we manage. Jensen Outdoor adds value to these natural resources, through creative furniture design and manufacturing techniques; but we wouldn’t be able to add any value if our forests disappeared. That is why our small-footprint harvesting techniques only select the century-old mature Ipe trees, leaving the younger and more fertile trees to replenish the forest before our next harvest.

Jensen Outdoor has made an FSC®-Certified plan to rotate which areas of the forest are harvested every season. This ensures that the same plot of forest is not touched again before thirty years have passed, allowing new batches of mature Ipe trees to grow, contributing to forest diversity.

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Our commitment to preserving our forests makes choosing Jensen Outdoor for your leisure spaces a decision to be proud of.

Can I let my Ipe Wood furniture go gray?

Absolutely, many of our customers prefer the ease and elegance of allowing their Ipe Wood furniture to age to a noble silver patina with time.

The remarkable resilience of Ipe wood provides protection from damage, scuffing, cracking and warping due to weather, wear, and time. Jensen Outdoor’s Ipe timber exhibits a deep chocolate-brown grain when new that may be allowed to naturally age to an elegant silver patina or brought back to an ‘as new’ finish at any time. With proper care and maintenance, the strength, color and beauty of Ipe wood can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

To learn step-by-step how to care for your Ipe Wood furniture, visit our Ipe Wood Care page.

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