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Jensen Leisure Furniture Broadens Focus: Relaunches as Jensen Outdoor


Jensen Leisure Furniture–known to the casual industry for bringing the highest-quality sustainable Ipe wood furniture in the world to your outdoors–is relaunching for the 2021 season as Jensen Outdoor.

Jensen Leisure Furniture has more than a quarter-century of expertise in designing luxury wood furniture with one of the finest hardwoods available, FSC®-certified Ipe.  The strength and deep-chocolate-colored beauty of Ipe has allowed the company to deliver on the promise of exceptional casual furniture quality, function, and design enjoying industry-stirring success with the launch of such well-received collections as the transitional Opal, mid-century Forte, and modern Jett among many others.

Now entering the 2021 season, Jensen Leisure Furniture is broadening its horizons to better serve an evolving marketplace. Having perfected the ethical sourcing, unparalleled design, and heirloom-durable quality in Ipe hardwood, Jensen Leisure Furniture is relaunching as Jensen Outdoor. The refresh brings the same level of care in craftsmanship to a broader portfolio of the highest-quality materials that consumers are demanding.

“One of our core competencies has always been the team’s masterful ability to create excitingly new, yet pleasingly familiar furniture concepts and execute on them extremely well,” said Hlodver Olafsson, President, Jensen Outdoor. “With this brand evolution we are bringing into our tent new ideas in materials and design while continuing to execute at the highest level.”

To support the refresh, Jensen Outdoor is launching a new website Carefully calibrated to bring an experience sure to turn heads in the casual industry, is intended to be the guide-path by which consumers can discover the ‘Outside of Ordinary’ world of Jensen Outdoor. 

“For a long time our excellent network of retail partners has been the sole portal into the world of Jensen Outdoor,” said Eric Parsons, Vice President, Jensen Outdoor. “With this exciting new digital experience, we will be able to introduce our brand to a wider audience and assist our consumers, retailers, and interior designers in feeling confident in their decision to choose Jensen Outdoor for their casual furniture needs for years to come.”

To stay up to date with the latest in product releases, information, and casual furniture experiences visit Jensen Outdoor’s new website here.

Jensen Leisure Furniture unveils refreshed brand as Jensen Outdoor.

About Jensen Outdoor

Jensen Outdoor is a leading manufacturer of luxury outdoor wood furniture for the North American market. Since 1994, Jensen Outdoor has brought comfort, beauty and longevity to outdoor living through award-winning design, superior materials and a commitment to sustainability that includes the use of 100% FSC®-certified Ipe timber responsibly harvested from the tropical forests of Bolivia. The result is a broad array of heirloom-quality, luxury outdoor furniture that encourages you to experience “Outside of Ordinary.”

About Ipe Wood

Ipe is one of the densest premium hardwoods in the world and has been the choice of top designers, upscale builders and discerning individuals for outdoor furniture, flooring and decking for more than a century. Sustainably harvested from the dry-tropical forests of Eastern Bolivia, Ipe timber exhibits a deep chocolate-brown grain when new that may be allowed to naturally age to an elegant silver patina or brought back to an ‘as new’ finish at any time. With proper care and maintenance, the strength, color and beauty of Ipe wood can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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